#Sunday’sSpecialGuest: Doha & Huntress Of Art

Buenas noches amigos,

Hoy tenemos nuestro 12º domingo con #SundaySpecialGuest!

Y como os dije ayer en mi post tardío de mi viaje a Dubai y Doha en el que hablé sólo de Dubai (si quieres verlo de nuevo pincha aquí) me apetecía que para hablar de Doha lo hiciera Sara de Huntress Of Art y gran amiga y compañera de viaje. Ella nos va a hablar de Doha  y yo os voy a hablar de ella y de nosotras. 😉

Huntress Of Art  promociona el arte español fuera de nuestras fronteras: pintura, escultura, fotografía de artisrtas españoles. Ellos valen mucho. Ellos crean y Huntress Of Art se sube al avión para promocionarlo. No es mal trato 😉 Si eres un artista, y estás  interesado, ponte  en contacto con HOA aquí: info@huntressofart.com

HUNTRESS OF ART is an international arts agency developing audiences for Spanish artists worldwide.
#spanishart #nomadart #art #arthunting

Te presento a Sara – Huntress Of Art.

huntress of art

Pues te dejo con Sara que te cuente Doha! ¿Estás preparado?

Sunday’s Special Guests

Va de #domingos. Va de #amigos contando cosas. Va de #disfrutar.

sunday special guest

Doha – Under Construction


Sara – Huntress Of Art


Doha, capital of Qatar, situated on the coast of the Persian Gulf. #doha #qatar

During the early 20th century, much of Qatar’s economy depended on fishing and pearling, it wasn´t until the late 1930s, when oil was discovered and its economy boosted. Its is now one of the richest capital cities in the world, the nation as a whole produces over 800,000 barrels of oil daily.  #oil #barrels #persiangulf

Doha´s Skyline Development through the last 5 years




– Museum of Islamic Art_MIA www.mia.org.qa/en/

Chinese architect I.M.Pei inspired himself in ancient islamic architecture and performed the museum with a modern design.

Museum of Islamic Art Doha mia 2


– La Corniche, a waterfront promenade with erecting skyscrapers along it.


– Msheireb Enrichment Centre http://mec.msheireb.com


A landmark destination created to serve as an educational portal to showcase Qatar’s swift development in the last 50 years.

 Arab Museum of Modern Art_MATHAF http://www.mathaf.org.qa/en/

Open in 2010 it has the largest collection of modern arab art worldwide.



– Souk Waqif the traditional arab market in the city centre which dates back at least a hundred years but that has been recently restored back to its original.


– Katara Village http://www.katara.net/english/about-katara/about-us/

The largest and the most multidimensional cultural project of Qatar, it combines theatres, concert halls, exhibition galleries…



Four Seasons http://www.fourseasons.com/doha/

Considered the best five star hotel in the city.

La Cigale http://www.lacigalehotel.com

The most impressive landmark to grace the Doha skyline

W Hotel http://www.whoteldoha.com

Popular between the young international crowd for drinks.


Souk Waqif Hotels  http://www.swbh.com

This luxury boutique hotels are situated in the impressive backdrop of Souk Waqif. I would highly recommend Arumalia hotel although you might want to know that alcoholic drinks are not allowed.



The Lagoon_Ritz Carlton Hotel

Delicious food that is themed daily: Mondays -Asian, Tuesday-Arabian, Wednesday-Seafood, Thursday- BBQ, Friday- Brunch, Saturday- Indian, Sunday- Mediterranean

Spice Market_ W Hotel

Inspired by the street food found in Southeast Asia, Jean-Georges Vongerichten inspires us with a fusion of authentic south east asian cuisine served in a casual sexy atmosphere.


Al Mourjan http://www.almourjan.com

The best Lebanese restaurant in Doha situated in the Corniche with amazing views of the city.


Tse Yang_The Pearl Qatar

This glamorous restaurant situated in the Porto Arabia Boardwalk is probably the best option for Chinese food.




Dhow Charter

Sail through the lagoon with the view of Doha City skyline on board a traditional wooden dhow, an Arab sailing vessel with one or more lateen sails.



BBQ Donuts at Diplomatic Club

Enjoy unparalleled views of the city while savoring an exquisite dining experience.


Qatar ExxonMobile Open 


Moto GP Grand Prix


Losail International Circuit

Qatar - Doha - marzo 2008 - Foto Giorgio Augusto Neyroz




Bueno socia, qué barbaridad de información!! Súper útil!! Y qué buena la música que propones! La verdad que tenemos que volver porque a mí me quedan cosas por hacer!

Díficil añadir algo! 😉 Yo dentro de la gran variedad de recomendaciones de Sara, destacaría 2 experiencias #nottomiss de todas las aquí descritas que fueron de mis preferidas:

#1. No te vayas sin pasear por el Souk Waqif

doha souk 2 doha souk 3 doha souk

#2. No te vayas sin pasar un día en las carreras

lusail huntress of art paddock oscar haro lusail huntress of art lusaillusail monos 2Muchas gracias Oscar Haro por la experiencia y por un tarde tan divertida!

Esto es todo amigos!



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