#Sunday’s SpecialGuest: Live Music & Bastian

Buenos días amigos, Estamos en nuestro 11º domingo con #SundaySpecialGuest!!! Ya sabéis que por aquí nos encanta la música, y como consecuencia está presente en todos los posts. Porque forma parte de nuestra vida, y porque la disfrutamos mucho. Por eso hoy va de Live Music, y encima en Madrid!! Pues para disfrutar de esta gran pasión acompañada, la mejor persona del planeta que puede hacerlo es mi amigo Bastian. Holandés apasionado de la música, viviendo en Madrid hace muchos años, aunque siga hablando regular español ;-), gran amigo, gran empresario y  gran músico!! Los amigos de verdad tenemos la suerte de que nos cante en casa, pero los que no tenéis esa suerte, os merecéis poder disfrutar de sus consejos! Pues amig@os os dejo con él y su música. Que sepáis que algun día os lo podéis encontrar de incógnito subido en uno de esos escenarios madrileños…

¿Estás preparado?

Sunday’s Special Guests

Va de #domingos. Va de #amigos contando cosas. Va de #disfrutar.

sunday special guest

Live Music in Madrid



batian live music

My dear friend Carmen asked me a while back to write a guest post on live music and specifically live music in Madrid. When I started thinking of an interesting angle for this story I very quickly came to the conclusion that while creating original work is hard one of the most difficult things to do is to interpret someone else work in a way that enhances it and makes it more special. In music we call this “cover versions”. Now, if this is a challenge, imagine someone doing a cover version in front of the original artist(s) and impressing them beyond belief!

There is an annual event where The US president honors the work of artists who have made a positive contribution to US culture called Kennedy Center Honors.
the kennedy center
This has been going on for more then 35 years, and artists like Paul McCartney, Led Zeppelin, Bruce Springsteen, The Who, James Brown and many others all have been recipients of this honor. Part of the evening is that for those receive the honor their colleagues do a speech and a performance. Some of the most spectacular cover versions I’ve ever heard have been performed at this event, but there’s one that sticks out head and shoulders above the rest.
The rock group Heart fronted by sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson doing a cover of “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin……..in front of Led Zeppelin! The first time I watched this I had goosebumps, tears in my eyes and chills up my spine, just like the guys from Led Zeppelin. So take 7 minutes of your day and watch this. You’ll be happy you did.


Another legendary performance is Steven Tyler from Aerosmith paying tribute to Paul McCartney from the Beatles.
If you like this kind of thing I recommend you have a look at the channel of the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame where you find many good speeches and performances.
One of the best cover bands I had the pleasure to see myself was called “The Boogie Knights”. It was on a trip to Las Vegas some time in they 90’s and these guys were top. They only did Disco songs and they had the whole look down with wide trousers, big afro hair and cool disco moves, and of course the tightest, funkiest disco that got everybody moving.
I’d love to play in a band like that myself. It looks like one big party. Here’s a short promo video of them that gives you an idea of the kind of vibe they had going on.
So there you have it, some of the best cover bands and versions ever. Here in Madrid there are some good cover bands too.

#LiveMusic: Places To Go In Madrid

The best place to go to if you want to see live music is called Honky Tonk on calle Covarubias. They have many cover bands there, but there are a few that are worth highlighting.
honky y pereza live music madrid
  • The All Together Band. These are guys from Madrid who’ve been doing Beatles covers for almost 15 years. Very good and highly recommended. Friday next week they’re playing in Honky Tonk again. Here’s their website. Aquí.
  • The J. Bulevar Band. Excellent blues and Rock ‘n Roll covers. Aquí.
  • A Night at the Opera. This is a queen cover band lead by Danny Gomez who’s been doing this for more then 10 years. One of the best Queen tribute bands in Europe right here in Madrid!
Other good places for Live music from cover bands are:

#2. La Riviera A big music place that’s been around forever next to the river Manzanares on the south side of Madrid.


#3. Moe’s  A small blues club next to my old home in the barrio Chamartin.

Sala moe live music madrid

#4. La Cocina

This one is relatively new. The cool thing they do here is that on Thursday’s they have a Karaoke night where you can sing with a real band.

cocina rock bar live music madrid

Now that we’ve gotten all that out of the way I leave you with a short video of when I played with my cover band in the Honky Tonk a couple of summers ago. I hope you like my shirt! 🙂

Let me know in the comments if you know of any other good cover versions, bands and places to watch them in Madrid.

Bas! Qué bueno tu grupo!! Cuantos sitios auténticos sabes de Madrid! Me encantan todos!! Pues como pides saber más, yo como buena madrileña, te cuento uno de los legendarios y de mis preferidos, la sala El Sol, sala nacida en 1979 pero que sigue siendo un referente madrileño donde los haya! La próxima juntos! Qué divertido por favor! 

sala el sol live music madrid





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  1. Superb!! Qué versión de stairway to heaven! No puedo dejar de dar la enhorabuena de nuevo por la calidad de los posts! You made my day!


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