What You Can’t Miss In London #LondonCalling

We love London. There are differents parts of London that we love. Most of them I really like them, but today I’m going to talk only about the ones I love: the street one, the creative one, the trendy one, the full of hidden places one.

This London that maybe you don’t know yet, or maybe yes?

I want you start enjoying this post with music, it only could be in that way 😉

But for feeling this #LondonILove is really hard to choose between these two songs, you have to choose by yourself:

RA Sessions: DARKSIDE – Paper Trails (Nicolas Jaar)

SBTRKT feat. Little Dragon – Wildfire

This London I Love starts in:


1. Borough Market Near Tate, a gourmet experience.Borough Market is a wholesale and retail food market in Southwark, Central London, England. It is one of the largest and oldest food markets in London.


IMG_1583 IMG_1591


2. Tate Modern Enjoy the architecture first of all and then enjoy the awesome Paul Klee’s exposition and Mira Schendel’s exposition too
And please #nottomiss
Drawing Barpresents an exhibition of the witty, inventive, magical works of artist Paul Klee and another exhibition of Mira Schendel , a refugee from fascist Italy, became one of Brazil’s greatest artists.



IMG_1593mira schendel

And You don’t miss out please the Drawing Bar! #Tate#bloombergconnects  «As soon as you make a piece of art, you are an artist» 😉 @tate

IMG_1595  IMG_1588

You can buy a homework Book 😉

paul klee

3. Shoreditch, from indie shops to tasty cheap food. · Poke around Brick Lane Market. Best restaurants, clubs and things to do in Shoreditch.

Best guide: TimeOut.


4.Camden Market Trendy second hand clothes market. Everyday is open, you can go for a walk!

camden market




5.Dover Street Market
A different fashion store called Dover Street Market in Mayfair. #verycool

IMG_1585dover street market

And other things you can discover in London:

There was a big dinner for The European Hotel Design Awards with a Gran Gatsby suggested style and we enjoyed a lot! Thank you Laufen!!


Tourist walk:

st paul
london aye red c

And please, if you are planning to go for a walk these days in London, don’t forget your wintercoat and your favourite sweater. It’s freezing cold!!!… But it’s always worth it.


We say goodbye, nothing better that  listening  a good revival:

Right Said Fred – I`m Too Sexy

Y recuerda:

«As soon as you make a piece of art, you are an artist»

(TATE #DrawingBar quote)

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